About me

Let me introduce myself

Student, marketing lover, but first of all – photography enthusiast.

I have a pretty common name, but a peculiar character. People who call me by my name are usually my parents and sisters, everybody else has their own nickname for me which is usually a variation of my surname. I was born in 1994 in the most beautiful country in the world – Croatia. I love marketing and new technologies, also I’m an economist in the making.If someone were to put me on the spot and ask me what I love, I’d have to say sunrises, morning coffee, my girlfriend Sabrina, who is also my greatest support and a huge fan of my work, beer before bed, sleeping myself to exhaustion, cycling in nature, animals and of course – photography. Not necessarily in that order.

Photography and I started our love affair back in high school, but we’ve been going steady since 2016 when I got into wedding photography. My style is a mix of documentary and artistic styles, which means I’ll artistically capture emotions you didn’t even know you had or weren’t aware of at the moment. I’m over 6′5″ so it’s quite hard to miss me, but the best compliment I often get from newlyweds is when they say they hadn’t even noticed me, and yet I managed to capture all their wonderful moments. My spirits then soar and I feel almost the same way I do when I see my girlfriend, my throat clenches up and despite the fatigue that sometimes takes over after sleepless nights, I process photographs with a smile on my face.

Let me document your emotions as well.

13 Random Facts About Me

  1. I set up my alarm an hour early so I can hit the snooze button at least 4 times.
  2. I'm relatively patient and tolerant.
  3. I love travelling and discovering new places since this gives me plenty of inspiration for new photographs.
  4. My phone gallery is full of photographs of the Moon.
  5. I have to stoop when walking in 99% of all rooms I enter because, well, height... A blessing or a curse? Hmm...
  6. I love Kinder Schoko-Bons.
  7. Tomato soup is "the soup". End of discussion.
  8. A million-kilometer ride would be relaxing and enjoyable.
  9. I love watching planes take off.
  10. I never come home from a wedding without singing a few songs for my girlfriend in the car.
  11. When I dance at weddings, I need to hold a drink in my hand because I don't know what to do with my arms.
  12. I call beer Brewski, so we're pretty close.
  13. I just don't get why would people choose to go skiing when they can enjoy mulled wine in a warm place.

Top 10 Places I Would Love to Visit

  1. New York
  2. Tuscany
  3. Gran Canaria
  4. Morocco
  5. France
  6. Spain
  7. Istanbul
  8. Milan
  9. Iceland
  10. Australia

Bucket List

Visit New York during the Christmas season, go on a safari, ride in a helicopter, visit snow-covered Moscow, live in a house with a huge yard and a retriever, be happy, photograph a couple in a dessert, visit the Holy Land.