Nika and Matija – Zagreb Wedding Photographer | Kraljev vrh


Some loves are born immediately, others after years and years of friendship.

Nika and Matija met in the first grade of elementary school, and in 2009 they established that they loved each other a bit more than friends usually love each other. When the topic of proposals comes up, people usually imagine Hollywood scenarios in which a girl is led to the ring by a path of roses or a scenario in which admiration for the Eiffel Tower ends in a man kneeling down with a speech rehearsed in his thoughts a hundred times before actually saying it. However, this was not the case for Nika and Matija – their proposal was spontaneous, just like everything else in their ten-year-long relationship.

Truth be told, Matija did have the ring on him for two, three months, but decided to reveal it while they were in his room and talking about their future together, kids and marriage. He got up from the bed, took the ring out of the bag and proposed. Only then did he kneel down, to make it “official”.

The first “I love you” has a special place in the memory of all couples. Matija decided to be the first one to say it, in his room as well, where apparently all the important things take place. He was a hotshot at the time, playing basketball, riding his scooter and saying “I love you” in a slang popular at the time. He also had hair back then, added Nika.

The day when they said “I do” forever was spent in high spirits at Kraljev vrh. The spirits were uplifted by the great mood of the newlyweds, joyous guests and Desperado band that kept everyone dancing until morning. Also, Darko from Emovere Weddings made sure these wonderful moments from the wedding are turned into an amazing video. You can see a part of their story at the link.

Together they’ve come to a conclusion that they’ve been fussing too much about the wedding and that everything worked out just perfect in the end. That’s what we want for them in marriage as well – a bit of stress is good, but it’s all somewhat easier in two.